Closed Profile Announcement


Greeting Attendees!

Katsucon, in coordination with the Gaylord National, have made the decision for Katsucon to be what is called a “closed profile” event.

This means that for the duration of the convention weekend the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center will only be accessible to people wearing – or in the process of obtaining – a Katsucon membership badge, registered Gaylord National guests, or guests with a confirmed restaurant or spa appointments. This is not in response to any particular threat or incident but is instead a proactive measure. Katsucon’s closed profile will allow a greater degree of safety for all attendees, guests and staff and brings our convention in line with other large events held at the Gaylord National throughout the year.

We realize this will be a change for all of us who have become used to a more casual atmosphere in areas outside of the Katsucon programming rooms, and we’re taking steps to make the transition easier for everyone.

Additional signage and staff will be available during Katsucon weekend to help all convention attendees be quickly and easily directed to our main registration hall on the bottom level of the convention center upon arrival. We’re also making it faster and easier to replace lost badges in light of the reinforced importance of the badge. Just make sure to keep your registration confirmation email or at-door receipt and Katsucon staff will be able to quickly replace any lost badge from an easily accessible kiosk.

Both Katsucon and the Gaylord National are committed to making Katsucon a safe space for everyone. On this end, we are reiterating our zero-tolerance policy towards all forms of harassment. Any attendee found violating this policy will be ejected from the convention with no refunds. Any incidents of assault will automatically trigger a call to local law enforcement.

If any attendee feels they have been the target of any form of harassment or assault, we ask that you find the nearest Katsucon staff member and ask them to “Page a Chair”. Our Page-a-Chair program allows staff to call the nearest Katsucon representative with the full authority of the Convention Chairman to your location immediately. This representative can render assistance with deploying additional security, ejecting offending persons, as well as providing access to counseling and law enforcement services.

We come together every year to Katsucon first and foremost to have fun; providing a space where our attendees, staff, guests, and friends feel safe and protected is the best way to ensure that having fun (and repairing the occasional cosplay malfunction) is all you need to worry about. We, at Katsucon, are very much looking forward to sharing that fun with all of you in 2020.

Very Respectfully,