Live Programming


Live Programming is the department responsible for the fan panel applications and running the rooms where fan panels and workshops are held for Katsucon.   

Is there a topic you’re passionate about? 

Do you like to excite the masses with your intense anime knowledge?? 

Are you getting pumped to do a panel just from reading this??? 

Fan panels and workshops are convention programming run for and by the fans.  If running a fan panel or workshop is something you’re interested in, then you should submit an application for Katsucon 2020!  Submit a Live Programming Application for Katsucon 2020 to have the chance to be a part of the convention and contribute to its event programming.

Please make sure to review the information on the following webpages before submitting a panel or workshop application for Katsucon 2020.  The following webpages contain all the pertinent information for running fan panels and workshops at Katsucon. 

Information for running a panel or event includes: 

  • Panel and Workshop Application Process and Guidelines 
  • Panelist Badge and Registration Information 
  • Fan Panels and Workshops – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 
  • Japanese Fashion 

Make sure to check out the other stellar programming we offer, like: the Masquerade, Chibi Katsu, Karaoke,  AMVs, the Charity Auction, Katsu Ball, Hall Costume Contest, and our spectacular Maid Café.   

If you have any questions or concerns, please CONTACT US.