Inclement Weather Policies


We will NOT cancel the convention unless some huge unforeseen calamity that will actually shut down the Gaylord Hotel occurs!

And we’re talking fire, hurricane, nuclear blast, meteor, sharknado, or in the middle of a fight between Gojira and Gamera. Snow is not going to stop us, as we’re a winter convention held indoors. We’ve done it before, we’ll do it again. This is a TOUGH hotel. They have generators.

That being said, YOUR SAFETY IS NUMBER ONE. Last thing we want to hear is “Snow-stranded Pennsylvania Anime Fan Eats Passengers; Says They Are Tough, Stringy, Tastes Like Stale Red Bull.” No stranding, no crashing, no freezing. If you think your travel to us will be DANGEROUS, do not come. But the major roads will usually be cleared quickly, the hotel has its own plow staff, and a majority of parking is covered garages. But getting here could be treacherous, so PLAN AHEAD. If you’re not that great a driver, find someone who is.

Staff safety will also be a STRONG consideration. Thus… some stuff may be a little more scatterbrained than usual. There may be some delays or cancellations of panelists, guests, staff, and other people who have long travels have to dig out. There may also be some equipment delays. But THE CON WILL GO ON EVEN IF ALL WE HAVE IS A PAD OF PAPER AND PENS AND SILLY HATS. To make the con happen, all we really need fans, staff, and a hotel with a room, heat, and running water. Guests and equipment is nice, too, so we’re striving for that as well. Oh, and silly hats. Yes, silly hats are important!


We suggest you follow that URL for updates. Bring your own silly hats; you can’t have mine, which I assure you, are almost as silly as Guinan’s.

Travel under snowy/icy conditions: 

  • If it is a pouring snow and/or blizzard: stay home. We love you, but we love you ALIVE.
  • Make sure your cell phone is charged in full before you go anywhere.
  • Make sure your car is in good shape. Make sure the tires have adequate tread. Check the brakes, battery and exhaust system for good working condition. Replace worn out wiper blades, fill washer reservoir with antifreeze solution and ensure you have a windshield scraper.
  • Call state highway patrol to check on road conditions. Ensure you know what you are getting into. Look at the VDOT cameras: or Maryland’s
  • Prepare a winter car kit supplied with flashlights, extra batteries, bottled water, medicines, bag of sand or kitty litter, extra warm clothes, WORKING shovel and bright colored cloth to use as a flag.
  • Drive during the day. Keep others informed of your schedule and have your cell phone charged. Try to drive with someone along.
  • Assess the direction and distance you are traveling using road maps before starting out.
  • Keep your headlights on all the time. Visibility and distance is distorted by falling snow. Operate the wipers during the drive and clear the windshield of snow manually if necessary.
  • Slow down over bridges and overpasses as the chilling air builds ice quicker on a bridge than on the roads. Double the four second rule to maintain additional stopping distance between cars while driving.
  • Counterbalance a skid in ice by turning the steering wheel of the vehicle in the same direction as the back wheels are skidding. If they skid to the right, turn your wheel to the right.
  • Avoid spinning your wheels if your car is lodged in snow. Manually remove the snow from the tires and pour sand beneath the wheels to apply traction.
  • Avoid back roads. They’re full of weirdos, anyway.
  • Dress in multiple layers, not like one bulky down overcoat over your fishnet rave shirt and hot pants. Because either you’ll be too hot or too cold.
  • If your costume requires fancy shoes… wear sensible shoes until you get inside. High heels in ice is a bad, bad idea.
  • Your cloudburster sword does not burst actual clouds. But thanks for trying!

The hotel will go on: 

  • They have their own plows, and and are right off a major road which will be plowed
  • The parking garages are covered
  • They have 4 generators and can operate full power even if all of Maryland goes dark
  • They are large, warm, and friendly! Much better than that basement you have been huddled in, watching DragonBall Z on VHS after it jumped the shark
  • If you’re not staying at the Gaylord, call ahead to your hotel to find out their plans

During Kat-SNOW-con 2003, we had the con anyway even though people were leaving in droves. Those that stayed behind will tell you what an awesome time we had. Drum circles, singing, free food, massage circles, anime… you name it. We’ll take care of you! If you’re going to be trapped (you’re not), why not in a hotel with power, water, heat, and anime fans?’s direct weather link for the Gaylord Hotel (Oxon Hill, Maryland) area:

So, don’t worry. It’s on. Just get yourself here, safely, we WILL take care of you. You are anime fans, some of the best and brightest people we know.