Guest Autograph Policy


1) Katsucon does not guarantee an attendee will receive a Guest autograph.

2) Guests reserve the right to decline any autograph related services (i.e. sketches, pictures, etc.) Please have the item(s) ready for the guest to sign when approaching the table.

3) Please keep your discussion brief with Guests during your autograph in order to keep the lines moving.

4) Limit is 2 items per Guest. It is at the Guest’s discretion to decline to having photographs taken and/or may charge for official merchandise and photos at their table for an autograph.

5) Disrespectful behavior such as line jumping, abusive/aggressive behavior will not be permitted/tolerated. Otherwise you may be asked to leave.

6) Do not block the doorways and emergency exits. Staff may close the line at any time due to safety concerns or time constraints.

7) Please reference Guidebook, Facebook or Twitter for any announcements regarding a possible change in Autograph areas. Times and places are subject to change.

8) VIP attendees have their own separate autograph sessions. There is no guarantee Guests will be at these sessions and VIPs may have to attend a general session to receive autographs. There are no “front of line” privileges for VIPs.