Video Gaming

Honing your gaming skills?  Aspiring to become the number one gamer of your favorite fighting game?  Or just… want to have fun? Check out the Video Gaming Hall, where we showcase a selection of retro to modern gaming and arcade units.
Everything (except Pachinko) is free to play!

Video Gaming Hall Rules


  1. Keep walkways clear
  2. Find a Video Gaming Staff member to handle, modify or troubleshoot gaming equipment
  3. No bags or liquids of any kind (see Medical Staff for exceptions, water dispensers are inside)
  4. Must have a valid photo ID to check out wireless controllers
  5. Be a good sport and have fun

Tournament Rules & Regulations:

  1. Attendees under the age of 18 who win tournaments will need their parent/guardian present to accept the award. If not present, we will contact them from the provided entry information.
  2. Katsucon staff are not eligible to win tournament prizes but are welcome to participate in tournaments.
  3. Tournaments may be cancelled at any time due to lack of participation, technical difficulties, or other unforeseen circumstance. Please check in with the Operations Desk for more information.
  4. All provided contact information must be correct or we may be unable to contact you for prize distribution. Inaccurate information may forfeit your right to any prize winnings.


  1. The Video Gaming hall may contain Mature (M) ESRB rated images and content. Katsucon, its staff and its partners are not responsible for viewed images and content. Parents/guardians with concerns should attend with children.
  2. Attendee rule violations or misconduct may receive a single verbal warning. Severe violations may include but are not limited to disqualification from tournaments, removal from the Video Gaming Hall or ejection from the convention.
  3. Please direct questions, comments, concerns and suggestions to the Operations Desk. Thank you!