Tabletop Gaming


Board Games for everyone! If you’ve got some time to kill, are waiting for that one panel to finally start lining people up, or just feel the need to escape the crowds and unwind, drop by our the tabletop gaming room. Every year our library of games grows larger, to accommodate both the beginner player and the old school traditionalist. From Abyss to Zombie Dice, you’re sure to find something to keep you entertained for those uneventful hours when the con hits a lull.

Located at the Eastern Shore Rooms, next to the bottom floor fountains, we have ample space for attendees to come and try out our games or bring their own. In addition, we’re providing demos for different games every hour, listed in our guidebooks, and our staff is trained to be familiar with the games we have available so they can walk you through playing them.

This year we’re providing a special and separate room for all tabletop roleplaying games! We’ll be providing reserved tables for aspiring dungeon masters who would like to run games for other people.