Attendee Policies


Code of Conduct

Katsucon is a family and friend oriented convention. We would like all attendees of our convention to have fun and be safe. The main rule is “be polite and friendly.” The rest is just clarification.

Harassment: Katsucon does not tolerate harassment of any kind, be it based on race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, height, weight, planet of origin, or any other physical or civilized beliefs. This goes for all attendees, guests, panelist, staff, and/or hotel employees. Harassment is defined as derogatory comments, stalking, aggressive behavior, unnecessary intentional physical blocking of others, or altercations of any sort. If you believe you have been a victim of harassment, please find Katsucon Security as soon at it occurs. Please present details calmly and concisely. If you feel your safety is at risk, we want to know about it and stop it before it affects more people. If you feel our staff has not been able to meet your needs, or if you have further concerns, please Page a Chair.

The hotel, convention space, and surrounding businesses are not dedicated completely for Katsucon use for the weekend. Members of the general public or other groups stay here or visit the hotel to dine and socialize, as this is considered a resort. Please be considerate and respectful of non-convention individuals at all times, as you represent more than just yourself, but the entire anime and cosplay community.

General Rules

  1. Please do not damage the convention space. We like the Gaylord and the Gaylord likes us; we want to keep it that way. This includes painting or sketching on walls, slamming doors, etc. Please do not hang any flyers on any wall or other surface of the convention space; we will have a specialized area for hanging/placing flyers.
  2. Please wear your attendee badge so that they are clearly visible above the waist at all times. There will be badge checkers throughout the convention space and you will be asked to return with your badge if you do not have it on you in order to access convention areas.
  3. Many hallways have tape on the floor to indicate where the “traffic lanes” (where we need to keep moving), “parking areas” (where we can stand and hang out), “caution areas” (where we need to keep moving/be careful, i.e. tops and bottoms of escalators), “restricted areas” (where we should only for a specific purpose) and “photo areas” (where you can take pictures) are. Please keep an eye out for this tape and respect any Katsucon or Gaylord staffer who is trying to keep the hallways moving and doorways clear, a lot of people are trying to get to different places they want to go in the convention.
  4. Katsucon and the Gaylord are not responsible for missing items. Any bag(s) or other item left unattended around the convention space will likely be picked up by either a Katsucon staffer or another attendee and be taken to Lost and Found in Katsucon Security (in the Prince George’s Coat Check on the Exhibition Hall level) or to the Gaylord, please check with both places to locate your item. The item may be turned over to the police if deemed necessary.
  5. Please step off the main path to take photos. If someone asks you for a photo, please make sure you step out of the way of traffic, entrances, stairs, and escalators so that everyone else can still get by and no one gets trampled.
  6. Please remember that in your hotel room, there are other rooms next to you, and if you and several of your friends are talking, your neighbor can likely hear you. If your neighbor, a Katsucon staffer, or someone from Gaylord staff comes to your room to ask you to quiet down, please be considerate and reduce the noise to a dull roar or perhaps find someplace else to talk.
  7. The legal drinking age in Maryland is 21.Do not drink alcohol at Katsucon if you are younger than 21.
    • If you are of legal age to drink, do not carry open alcohol throughout the convention space, keep it to the bar, other appropriate areas where alcohol is being sold by the hotel, or your hotel room.
  8. Please don’t run, play tag, or throw things inside the convention space. Please also don’t carry a radio, iPod or other device that is playing music at a loud volume (only you should be able to hear it). Please use basic common sense.
  9. Bags/Packs/Purses are not allowed into the following areas of the convention:
    • Video Game Rooms: a coat check will be available next door to these rooms for you to leave your bag/pack/purse.
    • Art Show: the staff will have coat racks available upon which attendees can hang their bags/packs/purses and coats as the enter Art Show.
    • Dances and Concerts – the following items will not be allowed in any of the dances or concerts: bags/packs/purses (medically necessary bags, such as those containing insulin or inhalers, may be taken to our Medical department to receive a clearance indicator), props, coats/jackets (including hoodies), food/drink or food/drink containers (water will be available inside the room), any large item. Bag check will be available in the KatsuLounge (Exhibit Hall C).

    NOTE: Katsucon is not responsible for any items left at the bag check areas described above.

  10. You may need to wait in line to get into the Dealer’s Room or major events; please follow staff direction as to where the line is located. Convention Guests, staff, associates, and persons with disabilities will be called for advanced entry into events.
  11. Over 18 Events: To save you time and hassle, we will be issuing wristbands to attendees who wish to view/attend/participate in 18+ programming at Katsucon. To obtain an Over 18 wristband, you must be over legal age of 18 years by convention time. Please bring your government issued photo ID (Drivers License, State ID, Passport, Military ID – the same one you use for picking up your badge) .
    While registration is open you can receive your wristband from a table setup by the registration area.  When registration is closed you can get the wristband from Security Central in the Prince George’s Coat Check (on the same floor as Registration, under the escalator).
    Wristbands will be free, and available 24 hours a day. If you lose your wristband you may come for a replacement at any time. ID’s will not be accepted at the door to events this year, so please make sure to get your wristbands ahead of time.
    Wristbands may not be shared, traded, given to another person, or picked up for another person; doing so is a violation of your agreement with the convention and may cause you to be ejected from the convention.
  12. Glowsticks: No glowstringing, poi swinging, etc. is allowed for safety reasons in the dances or in any other public area of the convention. Violators will be asked to stop and, if unwilling, will be asked to leave the area. Freehanding is permitted as long as the glowstick never leaves your hand (i.e. no tossing/throwing). Also: only activated (lit) glowsticks will be allowed in Dances/Concerts. All glowsticks must be activated prior to entering the event; glowsticks purchased within the event will be broken at the time of sale. Trash receptacles will be available within events for the disposal of depleted glowsticks.
  13. Katsucon reserves the right to refuse admission to any individual and to eject persons from the event locations.

Cosplay Prop Guidelines

**All, due to a change in policy with our venue, we will be inspecting all prop weapons that are brought to the convention.  Props will be tagged and must be tagged to be carried about in and around the Gaylord.  Prop weapon inspection is located in the convention center on the ballroom level at the Maryland Registration Desk C.**

A.K.A.: The Weapons Policy

To ensure the general safety of Katsucon’s attendees, we can’t allow people to carry the following types of weapons or cosplay props:

  • Live steel of any kind including knives, swords, axes, martial arts equipment, shurikens, etc.
  • Any other type of bladed weapon.
  • Any weapon/prop that can currently, or could in the past, shoot a projectile (“projectile” includes water, aerosols/sprays, Airsoft guns with/without ammo or air, toy bows, etc.)
  • Anything generally awkward to carry, or that can’t be controlled by the person carrying (i.e., it is so heavy, you are consistently dropping it in the hallway, or cannot keep it from swinging into other attendees). Katsucon staff will be the final determinant as to whether something is too awkward or too dangerous to be carried around the convention.

Any item that is deemed to be too awkward or dangerous to carry must either be taken to the attendee’s hotel room, car, or checked with the hotel bag check, or otherwise removed from the active areas of the convention.

Dress Code

While Katsucon does not have a dress code of our own, we strongly support the wishes of our fine hosting facility, the Gaylord National.  The Gaylord does have some things we’ll need to bear in mind:
  • All Attendees must have their private areas covered at all times.
  • Material must extend at least one (1) inch above the nipple and below/to the sides of the breast, and at least one (1) inch above the pubic area and below the crotch/buttocks.
    • This coverage must remain in place while moving/bending/posing/etc., so if your cosplay (or street clothes) rides up/down, please extend it, find a way to secure it, or wear something under it.
  • Shirt coverings must be worn at all times, by both sexes.
    • Mesh shirts are allowed if they provide the require coverage of sensitive areas.
    • Tape over the nipples will not suffice.
    • Capes will not be accepted in place of shirts – if you’re wearing one, please wear a shirt underneath.

Photography at Katsucon

It seems there’s a lot of speculation going around lately regarding what we do and don’t allow as far as photography goes, so here a statement from our Press liaison that should answer most questions:

Katsucon has no restriction on photography using hand held equipment. Our only concern is that such activities not impair the flow of foot traffic through convention spaces.

However, photography requiring dedicated floor space and/or free standing equipment to include lighting or other electronics in convention spaces must be requested and granted from the convention’s leadership in advance.

This will ensure that sufficient and safe space is available prior to any photo shoots. If sufficient space is not available, Katsucon will suggest convention provided areas for such photographic actives.

Professional photography outside of convention spaces, such as the hotel lobby, rooms, or exterior, is outside the control of Katsucon and as such would be subject to the rules and provisions of the hotel itself. Past experience tells us that the hotel management would prefer these activities remain within Katsucon controlled convention spaces.

Filming Disclaimer

By attending Katsucon, you will be subject to the following agreement:

I, [your name] have been made aware that Katsucon is being filmed by the Video Productions Dept. I automatically agree that either I will make the film crew aware if I do not wish to be filmed OR I automatically agree to be filmed and am giving permission to Katsucon, and anyone affiliated to use the footage without compensation or acknowledgement. Camera operators can be approached at any time with any questions or concerns.