Katsucon Formal Ball


Ladies, wear your finest! Gentlemen, dress sharp! We are having a grand ball where you can dance and mingle with all of Katsucon’s fine attendees. From classic waltzes to contemporary dances, everyone will be able to enjoy a night of fun and excitement!

Don’t know who to dance with? No problem! Pick up your green dance bands at the door to let others know you’re open for a dance!

We will also be giving away a prize for best attire so dress to impress! No entry is required: a costume judge will let the winner know to stick around to the end of the ball to collect their prize. You must be present to win.

Dance lessons will be held prior to the ball, see the schedule for details. 

Before reading the rules for the dress code please familiarize yourself with the Katsucon Attendee policy.

NOTE: In your selection of dress, please keep in mind you need to be comfortable. We highly recommend that you do not wear anything that will constrict, restrict, and possibly need the jaws of life to get you out of, in the case of an emergency. Also keep in mind that your shoes should be comfortable and good for dancing. Stumbling about in too-tall heels is a hazard to yourself and others. Clothes must also be worn appropriately, meaning keep those shirts tucked in!

Any inquiries regarding the ball, dress code, or song requests may be made at [email protected]