AMV Department FAQs



This is a problem that can come up either in your initial capturing of video (always select the ‘De-Interlace’ option) OR when you export your video from your editing software. If it is from the latter you can re-export your video after changing options if the former, I’m sorry but you’ll have to re capture your video and start over.

This is a logo usually somewhere around the edges of the video that is put there by whomever has ripped your video. This happens a lot with pirated copies of anime. As always we encourage our editors to purchase their own copy of the source material and get it themselves.

Sound Quality
Always use the highest quality track you can. I recommend purchasing your tracks from Amazon as this is the easiest purchased audio files I have found to use.

We only allow editor created subtitles in AMVs. If it has subs from the actual anime in it it gets disqualified.

Video Quality
Always export at the best quality possible. Uncompressed AVI is the best way to ensure your AMV looks and sounds great for the big screen and is compatible with our software!

Uploaded it on the wrong site or YouTube
We only accept AMVs from trusted media sharing sites like Dropbox. We do not want to have to A. pay a fee to get your AMV or B get a virus because you have used a shady sharing site (both have happened in the past and it only draws the people who are judging your video’s ire)



This is our main event and the one that gets the most submissions typically. This year we are accepting AMVs that could be considered to have a PG-13 rating – For the last few years we have had a PG rating on the Showdown but now we have created a special PG contest to cater to those that would like to see a family friendly show.

Saturday Morning AMV
This is our ALL NEW PG Rated contest. Over the years we have heard both sides of the argument for having a PG or a PG-13 rated AMV contest so this year we decided to do both and appease all the masses. This is essentially an edited version of the main competition for those that want to be able to enjoy the competition with young ones and not worry about them seeing anything upsetting. The competition will feature many of the same AMVs from the main competition but include only the family friendly AMVs that we receive. Also, as this is geared for younger audiences there may be AMVs that get into this competition that don’t get into the main AMV Showdown event.

This is our 18+ Panel basically anything goes in this competition give us your most extreme AMVs and strap in for a crazy show!

AMV Blender
This is our compilation AMV that will premier before our competitions. It is a great place for first time editors to submit a short clip to cut their teeth on or older editors to showcase that great idea that they had for an AMV that never quite panned out to a fully realized AMV. Think AMV Hell but with content by YOU! Clips can be from 15 seconds to a minute long and the quality control rules are relaxed for this event to cater to the newer editors.


What happens if I submit my AMV to the wrong competition?
If we find that your AMV is a little too extreme for our PG-13 competition we will reclassify it to the NSFW competition. Likewise if you submit for the PG contest and it is thought to be better for the PG-13 competition then we will put it into that category. If we find that a submission is great but is also family friendly enough for the PG competition we will place it into both the PG competition AND the PG-13 competition.

Can the same AMV wind up in multiple competitions?
Yes, but only for the AMV Showdown (PG-13) and the Saturday morning AMVs (PG) Anything that makes it into the NSFW competition cannot be shown in the other two competitions.